Aspects to Consider When Planning Rhinoplasty

If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, or have nasal breathing difficulties, you are probably thinking about a nose job, or Rhinoplasty as it is technically known. Plastic surgery has come a long way since the 1970s, when it became popular, and today’s procedures are non-invasive and give the desired results. If you are looking to have plastic surgery done to alter the shape of your nose, here are a few important aspects to consider.

  • The Plastic Surgeon – It is paramount that you choose a surgeon who is both qualified and experienced, and every clinic would publish full details about their surgeons. Avoid any plastic surgeons who are not registered to practice, and always check client reviews, as these add weight to the credibility of both the surgeon and the clinic.
  • Define your Expectations – One has to be realistic and the surgeon cannot perform miracles, but he would listen to your requirements and tell you whether or not that is realistic. The use of before and after photos really helps the client to define their idea of perfection, and the surgeon can then make a recommendation.
  • Understand Recovery – As you would expect, there is a lot of swelling with rhinoplasty, which is nature’s way of protecting the body, but within a couple of weeks, the swelling subsides and within a short time, you are completely healed. Of course, the plastic surgeon would give you post-op instructions, which should be adhered to at all times, as this will promote rapid recovery.
  • Client Reviews – Aside from seeing lots of before and after images, you can also read the many client reviews, which is more than a little reassuring. If a surgeon is very skilled, there would be many positive reviews, so do read them, as they are an indication of what to expect.
  • Understand Risks – The plastic surgeon would make a point of explaining the risks to the client (there are risks with all forms of surgery), as it is vital that you are fully aware of every eventuality. Aside from risk awareness, the surgeon will make absolutely sure that you are both on the same page, with respects to the desired outcome.

The best way to proceed if you would like to explore the potential of rhinoplasty is to book an initial consultation with a respected plastic surgeon, and a Google search will help you locate the right nose surgery clinic (called คลินิกศัลยกรรมจมูก in Thai)and you can take the first steps towards a new you.

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