How Important Is Intake of The Right Nutrition in Development of A Child?

Food is beneficial for the survival of a person. A well balanced and nutritious diet goes a long way in keeping the child healthy. A well-fed child shows better abilities to focus and concentrate than a hungry child. Let us understand more about the influence of nutrition on the development of child.

What does a child require to succeed in school?

Children need nutrition to grow and concentrate on learning. Without getting timely food, the thought of food distracts their focus in the classroom. To be able to concentrate in the classroom, it is required to get properly balanced diet at regular intervals of time. This is the key to succeed in school and secure good scores in exams.

No Hungry Kids is a leading organization that has come up with a project feeding kids. It helps kids to be adequately nourished to assist in their childhood development.

Significance of nutrition for Children

Nutrition and health are two sides of the same coin. Nutrition is a major factor that influences the development of the performance of a child. Eating specific food would not make a child smarter.

It is the inclusion of a number of nutrients, in proper proportion to what aids in the proper development of a child. Nutrition in the formative years of a child leads to better academic performance and health in later years.

How is nutrition interlinked with the health of a child?

Undernutrition at the time of pregnancy adversely impacts the growth of fetus. It leads to inferior development of brain that causes irreversible acute illnesses in a person. If a breast-feeding mother is under-nutrition, then it badly influences the growth of child. This is especially critical in the initial six months when the baby is entirely on breast milk.

New mothers should know the benefit of consuming balanced and healthy diet rich in vital nutrients that are needed by the child and the mother. It has to have carbohydrates, calcium, protein, vitamins A, vitamin C, and vitamin D and iron.

Benefits of good nutrition towards health

Children who consume nutritious diets are less impacted by various types of infection. Their immunity system is strong. A wide of illnesses such as diarrhea, bacterial meningitis, and ear infection can be prevented. A well-balanced diet also aids in improving the activity levels, social interactions, cognitive functioning and curiosity of a child.


A nutritious and balanced diet has a direct correlation with the different aspects of the development and growth of the child.

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